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Mindset   x   Skillset   x   Cadence = Wealth
During 7+ years of research with the country’s greatest prospectors, we’ve identified what it takes to score high in all three disciplines and become a Prospecting PhD.
Introducing the Prospecting Success Formula
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DISCOVER new tools that make prospecting

easier and more enjoyable

MASTER prospecting methods that lead to higher closing ratios and shorter sales cycles

LEARN how to create a Prospecting Assembly Line

to have an overflowing pipeline in 4 months

LEVERAGE valuable data analytics to improve metrics you’ve never even thought about improving before

DEVELOP a toughness mindset that propels you forward under any circumstances

Affordable, Convenient, Always Accessible

• $3,500 per advisor

*Group pricing discounts available, please reach out to for more details*

Every Monday

  • Live classes every Monday @ 2:30 Central

  • Year-long program combining 24 weekly, 60-minute classes with    12 months of unlimited, just-in-time coaching and support. 

The Results Are Clear

Class of 2021-22 Graduates Testimonials


JD: “I set 17 appointments in one week by Running the ROOTA with three different COI’s. ”

Brian: “You aren’t just changing how we prospect, you're changing our lives!”

Brittany: “This is such a fresh way to prospect!” 

Tom: "When I hire a new sales person on my team one of the first things I do it get them registered for the next Prospecting PhD class. It is our standard training curriculum."

Jill: "I have created more opportunities this year than any other year of my career and I am only 90 days in."

Gary: "My prospecting skillset went from a 6-10 today."

Lauren: "Over the last 10 years these concepts have been responsible for millions of dollars of revenue and compensation. There is nothing like it."

Terri: "I am on a large sales team and we have regular prospecting competitions and I won this quarter, and I believe I will never lose another one."

Seats Are Limited - First Come, First Served
A Blueprint Consulting Program
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